Ideas For Your Summer Reading List

by Catherine Cotton

When I paint I love listening to audiobooks and I’m always on the lookout for good ones to add to the list! Since summer is approaching, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you! Some are classics that I re-read each year and some are books that I recently discovered. Happy reading!


  1. A Wrinkle In Time

    • I am in the middle of this one right now and it is bringing me back to my childhood!

  2. Capital Gaines

    • This one is super inspiring for the fellow entrepreneurs out there!

  3. Refiner’s Fire Series

    • This series kept me on the edge of my seat and I learned a lot!

  4. God’s Smuggler

    • This one is an all time favorite that I re-read every year!

  5. Christy

    • This one is a classic and so inspiring!

  6. Unseen

    • Unseen is encouraging for those of us who work alone or are in an “unseen” season of life.

  7. Tramp For The Lord

    1. Get ready to pull out the tissues. I love this book by Corrie Ten Boom!

  8. The Mitford Years Series

    • This is a feel good series that is a must read. I would suggest reading these before bed!

  9. The King’s Cross

    • One of my favorites. This is definitely one I read over and over.

  10. Rebecca

    • If you like mysteries like me, you will love this one!

I hope that these suggestions inspire you to add to your reading list this summer! Comment below with some of your favorites!

The Story Behind the Paint: Mother's Day

by Catherine Cotton

Today I’m sharing the Story Behind The Paint from my recent Mother’s Day giveaway on Instagram! I loved reading all of the sweet stories that were sent in. It’s amazing to see how much a mom or mother figure can impact an individual and a family. Jen's story about her mother is so inspiring and I hope that it will bring to mind someone you can celebrate today in your own life.


“My mom is everything I could ever have imagined a mother to be. She is strong and kind and selfless and I pray constantly that I’m half the mom she was to me. What amazes me most about my mom is that she jumped into being a grandma unabashedly. My husband and I started fostering our son 3 years ago and from day one, she was his closest friend and biggest champion. She loved him like he was her own and accepted him better than anyone else in our life. I’m convinced it’s the reason that he has thrived and grown as much as he has.


We have since adopted him, and she is his favorite person. She is so patient and careful with him, his guard comes down and he feels safe. Watching my mom love my kids so well is a blessing I never knew I needed or wanted, but am now so thankful to have. My mom is the best!” 

The Story Behind the Paint: Mimi & Pawpaw

by Catherine Cotton

In February, I asked my followers to share their love stories with me on Instagram in celebration of Valentine's Day. I received so many sweet stories and it reminded me that each person's journey is so unique and beautiful. The story below was sent in by Taylor, the granddaughter of two amazing individuals. I hope you enjoy it! 

With love, 

"These two are the definition of a sacrificial, Christ-centered marriage. My Mimi and Pawpaw were together for more than 50 years and always made sure to set an example of what a marriage should look like when we were around them. My Mimi was always making sure to serve my Pawpaw; to love him, provide for him, and keep him in line.


My pawpaw was one of the most cherished family members – always saying yes when anything needed to be done and never once stopped to put himself before anyone else. These two were a big part of my life because while my parents worked, they would drop me off and pick me up from school, help me with my homework, and feed me dinner Monday through Friday. A little over two years ago, tragedy struck my family when my Pawpaw had a stroke and then was diagnosed with cancer. The one person who we always counted on now had to be taken care of in and out of the hospital and my Mimi never left his side. She went out of her comfort zone driving by herself to Charlotte to take care of him while also keeping the house up without her other half there to help.


My Pawpaw passed away two years ago and our family hadn’t felt pain and sorrow like that in a very long time. It is still hard to think that my Mimi has lost her love but she has still continued to pursue the Lord and find joy day to day.  Their marriage is one that I strive to imitate in my own marriage. One that is full of love, sacrifice, laughter, and joy. No, their marriage wasn’t perfect but it is one that I do not see often and one that will forever remain in my heart."