The Elementary School

by Catherine Cotton

I love the fact that each illustration I create is completely unique and meaningful to each person that orders. It fills me with joy to know that this form of art will capture the love and memories of an individual's family and friends. I typically instagram each illustration that I create but that really doesn't do it justice. There is a story to each project and so I have decided to blog about them. My hope is that you will enjoy reading them and feel inspired with ideas of your own! 

I recently was asked to illustrate an Elementary school. This school is being named after a husband and wife who have been working in the same school district for over 30 years! Their daughter ordered it for them as a special Christmas present. I love capturing a building that will remind this couple that they are loved and cherished by so many. What a tribute to their loyalty and perseverance. I was honored to work on this special gift and my hope is that it would bring them great joy when they look at it in their home.