The Farm

by Catherine Cotton

"Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it."
Anne of Green Gables 

I have a special place in my heart for farms. My grandparents had a farm in North Carolina and I grew up visiting them on a regular basis. My family and I would pile into the car and drive 24 hours to this small farm town near Raleigh. We would fish in the pond, pick blackberries, skip rocks, ride golf carts and play in the doll house my grandpa built. When I was asked to illustrate this special farm for Katie and her grandparents, I was more than excited. Katie's grandparent's lived on their farm for over 50 years. They raised their family, made their livelihood and many wonderful memories there. This farm is beautiful and it was a privilege to illustrate it as well as make prints to give to her family. 

One of my favorite parts of Marry Me In Spring is hearing what the client thought of the finished product. Here is what Katie said, "My grandparents absolutely loved the picture!! My grandmother couldn't stop looking at it and told me that it was one of the most thoughtful and unique gifts they've ever received. Thank you again for everything you did, it was perfect!!"

This feedback just makes my day. It fills me with joy knowing that I have this opportunity to capture one-of-a-kind places and special people.