The Story Behind the Paint: Mimi & Pawpaw

by Catherine Cotton

In February, I asked my followers to share their love stories with me on Instagram in celebration of Valentine's Day. I received so many sweet stories and it reminded me that each person's journey is so unique and beautiful. The story below was sent in by Taylor, the granddaughter of two amazing individuals. I hope you enjoy it! 

With love, 

"These two are the definition of a sacrificial, Christ-centered marriage. My Mimi and Pawpaw were together for more than 50 years and always made sure to set an example of what a marriage should look like when we were around them. My Mimi was always making sure to serve my Pawpaw; to love him, provide for him, and keep him in line.


My pawpaw was one of the most cherished family members – always saying yes when anything needed to be done and never once stopped to put himself before anyone else. These two were a big part of my life because while my parents worked, they would drop me off and pick me up from school, help me with my homework, and feed me dinner Monday through Friday. A little over two years ago, tragedy struck my family when my Pawpaw had a stroke and then was diagnosed with cancer. The one person who we always counted on now had to be taken care of in and out of the hospital and my Mimi never left his side. She went out of her comfort zone driving by herself to Charlotte to take care of him while also keeping the house up without her other half there to help.


My Pawpaw passed away two years ago and our family hadn’t felt pain and sorrow like that in a very long time. It is still hard to think that my Mimi has lost her love but she has still continued to pursue the Lord and find joy day to day.  Their marriage is one that I strive to imitate in my own marriage. One that is full of love, sacrifice, laughter, and joy. No, their marriage wasn’t perfect but it is one that I do not see often and one that will forever remain in my heart."