The Story Behind the Paint: Mother's Day

by Catherine Cotton

Today I’m sharing the Story Behind The Paint from my recent Mother’s Day giveaway on Instagram! I loved reading all of the sweet stories that were sent in. It’s amazing to see how much a mom or mother figure can impact an individual and a family. Jen's story about her mother is so inspiring and I hope that it will bring to mind someone you can celebrate today in your own life.


“My mom is everything I could ever have imagined a mother to be. She is strong and kind and selfless and I pray constantly that I’m half the mom she was to me. What amazes me most about my mom is that she jumped into being a grandma unabashedly. My husband and I started fostering our son 3 years ago and from day one, she was his closest friend and biggest champion. She loved him like he was her own and accepted him better than anyone else in our life. I’m convinced it’s the reason that he has thrived and grown as much as he has.


We have since adopted him, and she is his favorite person. She is so patient and careful with him, his guard comes down and he feels safe. Watching my mom love my kids so well is a blessing I never knew I needed or wanted, but am now so thankful to have. My mom is the best!”