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Family/Bridal/ Proposal: Do you want them to be holding hands, hugging or looking in a certain direction? Please specify if you want me to include certain jewelry, hairstyle, veil length etc...? Pet: Do you want them to be looking in a certain direction, wearing a collar, bandana etc...? Background: I can do something very subtle such as sand, grass, water etc...? Family Maps: Please indicate which cities and states you want illustrated. Please indicate if you would like a certain iconic symbol (State Capitol, church, University...etc).
Want a certain color Scheme? Let me know if you want them to be wearing exactly what they are wearing in the photos or something different. The color scheme can coordinate with a baby's nursery, a house or favorite colors.
This could be anything from a pet's name or a family name and the date it was established. Example: The Smith Family Est. 2016
It typically takes me 6-8 weeks to complete an illustration but I will do my best to complete it in the time frame you request. *Please put the date you want to receive the illustration by.
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I want to share the special meaning behind your illustration! Why are these people/homes/pets/weddings/maps/proposals significant to you? Is there a fun fact or story behind your order?
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My blog/ social media shares my client's story behind their illustration, the photos they send and the finished illustration.